oil on canvas . life-size (12.25" x 2.75" each) . 2018 - 2019

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Created in the 13th century, the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy is a medieval bricked square where the explosive Palio horse race is held every year. "Siena Bricks" is a painting installation consisting of approximately 111 paintings. One brick is painted on each canvas (each canvas is the actual size of a real Siena brick: 12.25" x 2.75" each). These paintings are displayed flat on the floor structured into a herringbone pattern like the bricks at the Piazza del Campo. I have personally measured, photographed and edited over 400 of these rusty red-orange, peach and violet-grey bricks.


This project is not a simple trompe l'oeil exercise in painting but rather an attempt at building up a sculpture using blocks of paintings. Each canvas becomes a brick. Like Carl Andre's floor pieces, this project is about sorting, arranging, and placing. It is about changing the way people look at a painting (from passively standing to bending over) and about changing how people interact with a painting (from walking around to squatting down). It is my attempt at mixing minimalism with the medieval.


These paintings are not meant to be walked on.

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